ES Fiber
ES FiberProduct specifications:

D*51 MM single hydrophilic/multi-hydrophilic/water repellant, 2D*38MM single hydrophilic/multi-hydrophilic/water repellant, 1.5D*38MM single hydrophilic/multi-hydrophilic/water repellant, 1.2D*38MM and 1.0D*38MM single hydrophilic/multi-hydrophilic/water repellant products

Detailed information

Product introduction:ES fiber products are mainly composed of high-end functional sanitary fiber materials, including PE/PET and PE/PP, which are two-component composite fibers with skin-core structure, where the skin tissue has a low melting point and good softness, while the core tissue has a high melting point and high strength, with low thermal shrinkage. The products have excellent performance and stable quality.

Product application:products are mainly applicable to produce sanitary materials, heat preservation and filling materials, filter materials, etc. during hot air penetration process, and are also widely suitable for processing technologies, such as hot-rolled hot-air type, needle type, and air mesh laying type. The products are fluffy, soft and comfortable, making people feel dry and sanitary.

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